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LIfe expectancy and lifestyle choices

Researchers use what’s called a life expectancy table to forecast when someone will die according to the current age and sex-specific death rates.

Your life expectancy over time is calculated on the average age of death within a population at any given time.

And is inversely related to the population’s death rates at that time.

Australia has long been called the “lucky country” and keeping in tune with this title.

The life expectancy table has continued to increase for Australians. Quality of life is on the rise

Government data shows the lifespan of both sexes has increased.

People born in 2015–2017 are now tipped to live to around 33–34 years longer than Australians born between 1880 and 1890.

The question now arising is how well you live those years, both from a freedom standpoint and a health perspective.

Today, we’re stuck with a notion of oldness that is so utterly at odds with reality that it has become dangerous.

It constrains what we can do as we age, which is deeply troubling, considering that the future of our older world will naturally hinge on the actions of the older people in it. 

Mobility, nutrition, and an open questioning mind are so vitally important as we navigate life into our advancing years.

As birthdays rack up many people start to question the validity of the mainstream options for lifestyle choices, ageing. and the accepted dogma of what constitutes success and health.