If you have bought our Kombucha kit or you are thinking of buying one, below is a comprehensive video guide to understanding how to get started with your own Kombucha tea.

Garlic and Strawberry

All products are available through our roadside stall in Killarney

Strawberry plants and products are available from September until sold out

Garlic products start late September until sold out we have a variety of garlic including the giant Russian though not technically garlic it provides a sweeter milder taste than a conventional garlic flavour

Yacon Plants and Rhizome

100 mm Potted plants and Rhizome are available from November until sold out

You will hear and see the reference to remergy in the video … for those of you who have followed us for a while you would know this was a name of a previous iteration of the business, for those who are new to our products our Matthews Rest Garden produce and any other activities now all come under the umbrella branding of The Free Radicals

Grain-Free Dough Mix

We have had a few iterations of our food business and what we have offered as a product over the years, though, what one thing that has remained a constant, while being refined and tweaked is our grain-free Wunder Mix that we use for our gluten-free dough mixes.

It can be used as a bread, pancake, pizza base, biscuit, cake and even a thicking ingredient for gluten and, dairy and egg-free cooking requirements.

It is the mix we have used for our wrap shack catering and what Russell uses for his personal use.

Australian readers can buy from us either as a recurring or one-off order.

A box with 4 separate bags which can give you a month’s worth of product depending on your consumption level is $22 plus postage and delivery of $8

Send an email to watzzupsport at Gmail dot com with your contact details and we will send you a payment link and delivery details.

All deliveries have detailed instructions for prep and cooking and we are always on hand to walk you through any of the process.