Killarney Freedom Event

Welcome; this page is all about our event on January the 8th 2022 to promote the building of resilience, community formation, and the preservation of freedoms that we have all taken for granted in the “lucky country.”

Change is coming… Indeed it is already here, and it’s not the change I want to be part of.

vaccine tyranny

The link directly below will take you to another online resource with presentations from the day … which by all feedback can be called a success. There was some parts that I could not get the recorded content to cooperate such as Sonya’s Chicken presentation as well as the bug out bag session and Sams mobile home fit out. I have not got it all uploaded yet if you are reading this notice I am adding it and updating as I go

The Free Radicals Freedom Hub

I plan to keep adding content to the The Free Radicals Freedom Hub for all aspects of learning how to become more resilient and create decentralized community hubs that are less and less connected to the present system of centralized control and top down power structures of trade, wealth and governance.

I will choose the freedom of speech and lifestyle options over any tyranny or Totalitarian regime.

I am prepared to deal with any discomfort it may bring on me, to reject the change the state and its corporate masters want to implement.

A base intention for the event is to create a sense of connection and support between us all, to help shoulder the assault of medical tyranny and foster the building of resilience.

The resilience is built through like-minded networks of people prepared to stand for the freedoms that promote human connection, personal responsibility for lifestyle choices and community harmony.

There are many aspects of building a community lost to the digital age of the cheap and convenient marketplace and third party intervention of state and financial institutions.

Just in time, supply chains and cheap imported items for vanity and wants, as opposed to needs and purpose, has done untold damage to the resilience of an individual to not be tied to the “system.”

Understanding the Agora ( the free marketplace) and the counter-economic drive to volunteerism and mutual cooperation within trade and commerce is not an easy transition.

As an economic model to work with, all we have had is the current system that we have used for banking, trade, and commerce.

Our society’s current paradigm is a centralized, top-down, fractional banking debt-based corporate/state-owned oligarchy.

The current model needs to be shaken if not completely reshaped to decentralized, sound money, community-based systems.

There are many aspects of the medical tyranny playing out here in Australia.

None more odorous than the segregation and “vaccine passports.”

These state sanctions seek to divide people and inhibit services and social interactions if you decide not to be injected with the experimental cocktail of chemicals being passed off as a vaccine,

To build resilience that enables us to have viable alternatives in the face of the actions being taken by the state and their controllers, it is imperative to take more responsibility for where we source our survival needs and actively build the community we need to thrive.

Hopefully, this event will bring together people and resources that we can all work with to build greater resilience and work on existing outside the mainstream systems of control and interventions.

This page is intended to stay up after the event with links to the presentations and PDF downloads of any relevant links or materials

The presenters will cover essential elements to the topics they speak on with the opportunity to follow up in-depth on any subject matter by supplying links or consulting with individuals.

There will be the opportunity to purchase goods on the day so in keeping with the exercise of using anything but plastic money keep some cash handy or be prepared to be creative with other forms of trade or barter.

Due to the border lockdowns and the fact that my previous gardens were 160 metres over the NSW border, I had to walk away from them and set up another garden area on the QLD side of the border. 

As the ability to grow food is a basic need for connecting with a more decentralized way of life, the first item we are going to explore is the setting up of food production with a walkthrough of the new garden area and discussion and demonstration of a simple garden setup based on the No -Dig garden method.

Sonya will demonstrate how to set up a Kombucha brew and introduce canning and preserving. This will also include a talk on chicken care and egg hatching.

The Australian bush is not for the unprepared. However, with the uncertainty of the times, Bug-out bags and bush preparedness will be covered.

Nick will introduce Plant-based based subsistence farming and seed saving. Nick is a local market gardener who sells his produce at the Northy St markets in Brisbane and a musician with the local band Sleeping Dogs.

Understanding Herbs and their medicinal use with a comfrey balm making demo by another Sonya from the gold coast area who is a wonderful example of making things happen in the marketplace.

The Freedom Cell concept is a framework for building a community structure. Russell will introduce the idea of the Agora, counter-economics and the free marketplace, as well as the cost of community within the ideology of a fully functioning decentralized society
Deb, our local honey producer, will demonstrate the basics tools and impart tips for beekeeping and honey production.


Neil is a commercial worm and casting supplier local to Warwick, and he will be talking us through the sex life of a worm😁 and basic, tools and tips
Eddie is a small farm consultant and will be conducting a talk about the tools and tips needed for setting up an aquaponic system for a family of four
Michael is an ex-medical professional who said NO to the medical mandates and walked away from a very successful practice.

He now watches from the sidelines as the evil cabals of big pharma, banking, along with other corporate entities and their government henchmen, make the ultimate power play for control.

His degree in economics and life experience has given him the ability to talk about sound money, Alternative trading systems, gold, and Kinesis money.

I will be adding the concept of using blockchain technology and NFT’s

Sam got out of the southern states when the going was good in his Mobile home that he fitted out. Sam will speak and demonstrate the fit-out of his van to explain the tools and tips.

The event’s guest speaker will be Ethan Nash, an independent journalist and researcher from Brisbane.

He runs the excellent informative website He is also one of the co-hosts of the General Knowledge podcast and author of many articles for independent publications such as the New Dawn.

I have an unabashed admiration for the quality of Ethan’s work and his ability to question the fringe areas of independent reporting.

This includes subject matter that challenges preconceived ideas of what our culture holds as accurate and sanctioned as true and correct.

This is a no-cost and self catered event, and thank you to the people who have offered to pitch in with contributions for the day.

Due to several people travelling to the event from a distance away, we are opening up the opportunity to arrive on Friday to set up camp and have time to settle in for Saturday’s activities.

We have cooking facilities available, refrigeration, and eating areas. In addition, there is abundant clean water, an ablution block and power.
We do have chairs, but if you bring your own, that will solve any possibility of a shortage as we are not exactly sure of how many people will turn up.

If you bring your food and bedding requirements for your intended stay, I am sure everything will work out for everyone.

We have areas set aside for camper vans and tent spots. The event location is being held on private land by a major river so there will be opportunities for a swim and recreation.

Animals are welcome; please respect other attendees’ comfort and needs with your animal care. A caution to remember is that we are a rural location, and there are snakes and ticks in the area.

The exact venue location has not been made known for reasons that enable us to ensure the people who attend are all in unison with the intent of the gathering.

If you are here on this page I have to assume you have sent an email to [email protected] and you are on the list and you have the password for this page 😁.

Use the coordinates to Ellen Backhouse Park in Killarney for the location directions; from there, you will be met and directed to the event location. ( its very close)

We are doing it this way to be cautious and respectful of the need to avoid concerns people rightly have of attracting undue attention from people who are now active on the side of what they perceive to be the right thing to do as dictated by the state.

There will be at least two other updates I will send out before the event. I will also update this page

The last one will include a phone number as a contact point if you need any last-minute clarifications. Of course, you can always email any other questions you may have.

It is the intention that we finish the day with a Communal Dinner followed by campfire and Music by the Free Radicals and Friends

On offer for the Sunday for anyone who want to be involved

7.00 am Longevity mobility routine and wim hof breathing routine
8.00 am Breakfast
9.30 am bush walk to a local waterfall
12.00 Lunch and till we meet again farewells.