Hey Crew you can find us on Facebook but we only keep the page as a placeholder for our name as we don’t use the platform because of its data mining and censorship policies.

Due to the current events with the state-imposed control methods that are eroding many freedoms and liberties as well as imposing restrictions on the opportunity to choose a lifestyle option that does not include being subjected to medical experimentation we have to move all our gardens.

This means starting again which is a tremendous setback if you are aware of the timeline that the Grand Solar Minimum and changing magnetic pole are for the affect it will have on growing and food production

We are continuing with our music and are available for gigs as buskers or organized events. We will continue to keep the stall open with whatever local produce and crafts are available to us. Unfortunately, our guided walks and teaching will be discontinued for a while.

You can contact me through watzzupsport at gmail dot com for any related enquiries

I am also on twitter watzzupsport and Youtube