Busking Events

Killarney Pub

17 and 18th July 11-2pm lunch in the beer garden

If you are here for the Killarney Bonfire nignt take time to enjoy the other events in the region.



Haden Hall Block party
20th November 2021 



Sonya has been a singer for many years, well known as a local entertainer and community event coordinator.

After Russell bought her a Ukulele a few years back Sonya started to transition from singing and entertaining using a music backing track to now playing live music as an accompaniment to her performances.

Now she entertains playing the multiple instruments, Ukulele, Harmonica, Tambourine, and StompBox at the same time as well as Singing

Russell spent many years on the other side of entertaining as professional road crew for the Icons of the early Australian Rock Music Scene.

When Sonya bought him his first Didgeridoo it started the process of the transition, to the other side of entertaining, as a player.

Now along with the Spoons, Washboard, Clapp Sticks, Bells and Whistles they both have fun as the entertainment busking duo ” The Free Radicals “

As ” The Free Radicals ” brand they have been educators of the alternatives to conventional health and lifestyle choices by advocating and living healthy ageing protocols that embrace plant-based nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, conscious consumerism, and minimalism.

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