Climate change Freedom cells

Freedom cells and the Great reset

What I am finding most intriguing, is that the call for a great reset of how the economies of the world are run, as well as the feardemic and the restrictions that have been enforced on the back of the lockdowns along with the narrative from the mainstream media and their controllers, all play into my desire to call for the building of freedom cells as a form of resiliance to a long term scenario I have seen coming and have been preparing for over the past 5 years, and that is of worldwide food shortages, economic instability and social unrest.

The COVID-19 lockdowns

The COVID-19 lockdowns that were instituted all over the world this year have produced tremendous difficulty in many well-off countries, yet in poorer nations, the economic destruction has developed even more cause of poverty and hunger. There was hope that things would get better when lockdowns were being lifted, now the new round of lockdowns are being imposed, lots of specialists are sounding an alarm about what this could indicate for those living in deep poverty.

The head of the World Food Program said that the Nobel peace prize should give them limelight and a megaphone to now advise world leaders that next year there is the likelihood of the world to experience famines of biblical proportions in 2021.

Food costs and Food production

Personally, I have been acting under the need to prepare for a shifting growing climate due to the natural cycle of a cooling world due to various climatic influences that have happened before to the world and are now lining up again to be a disruptive element of what we have come to expect as what keeps our “civilized” society on the rails.
Prevailing crop failings together with the financial closures of food production companies brought on by the increasing loss to cold weather crop losses as well as “unprecedented” unfavourable weather problems which have been cleverly coupled and disguised as a COVID-19 symptom have put a remarkable quantity of stress and anxiety on international food circulation systems. This is another clear indicator that more close connected freedom cell groups can create resilience to any great reset or natural climate change conditions that are coming.

Food prices are swiftly rising throughout the planet, and this is harming the people at the bottom of the economic food cycle the most.

The just in time food delivery system and massive mono agriculture cropping that depend heavily on machines, fossil fuels, and supply chains that span the globe will be severely challenged as the adverse climate conditions start to erode stockpiles and into production.

This has been happening over the last 2 years at an increasing pace … and lo and behold out of nowhere appears a global health crisis that shuts down the world and is the “reason” why food costs and food production are getting the treatment from the spin doctors of the system as to why you can expect to see shortages and why we need ” zee graaat rezet ” … sorry… bad attempt at humour ridiculing Klaus Schwab and his evil Dr No persona as the head of the world economic forum.

Global Famine

Many locations of the globe are potentially inline to encounter significant food dilemmas. According to a joint analysis by WFP as well as the U.N. 20 nations “are most likely to deal with possible spikes in high severe food insecurity” in the following 3 to six months.
Of those, Yemen, South Sudan, northeastern Nigeria as well as some locations that “have actually reached a critical food supply situation from years of dispute or various other shocks,” the U.N.  claimed, as well as any kind of further degeneration in coming months “could cause a danger of starvation.”

Freedom cells

The way that I am approaching the coming change is that the freedom cell concept is far overdue as a viable way to set up an alternative to state-run institutions through counter-economic activities.
It is not only the “unseen controllers” and their plans we all have to contend with, it will be about carving out our own stability in a changing climate through networks such as the freedom cells or whatever you want to call it to ensure that as the changes come on us that we have the resources and connections in place not only to survive but thrive.

Economic Decline

In places such as the United States, the good news is that no one is encountering starvation at this moment. Yet the bad news is that they are in the midst of the worst economic decline since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and also some Americans are waiting in line for as much as 12 hrs for handouts.
If you don’t think this can take place in today’s age the recent news reports about a food distribution event that occurred where hundreds of households lined up to obtain grocery goods at a Texas food bank, some queuing for as long as 12 hrs as the on-going coronavirus “pandemic” narrative and “containment” strategies are causing real harm in a first world country, should open up your eyes as to the actions of the “authorities” that continues to bring upon food challenges as well as economic challenges
The food bank distribution event, held by a North Texas Food food bank organization saw 600,000 extra pounds of food distributed. You need to be rather desperate to be happy to wait for 12 hrs straight, yet when you are really starving as well as extremely short on money, suddenly you will be willing to do things that you would not normally do.

Post-COVID “Great Reset”

Millions of rental home Americans are facing the possibility of being evicted from their residences right after the holiday is over.
A nationwide moratorium on evictions is set up to January 1st, and that there maybe a list of eviction notices in January 2021 …An approximated 11 to 13 million occupants could be in danger of eviction according to Stout, a financial investment financial institution as well as an international advisory company. It anticipates there could be as many as 6.4 million prospective expulsion filings by January 1, 2021 if the CDC moratorium is lifted.
Given that the order does not cancel or freeze rental fees, every one of the tenant’s back rent will certainly be due come January 1. Without rental fee alleviation or an extension, many struggling tenants will– again– face eviction.
There will still be a hardship if the halt on payments might be expanded, as that will simply put even more financial stress on landlords which will have a domino effect throughout the financial system, eventually, there will be no more postponements.
What happens when all of that back rental fee will be due, whereas most of those households will certainly not have the ability to pay it and will be evicted, unless of course if the option was put forward that to get a bailout from the government and ” help” the nation go forward and open up business again all they had to do was take the vaccine and comply with government policy … Nah that’s conspiracy crazy talk… right?

COVID-19 vaccine passport restrictions

It is not outside the realm of possibility that this is the type of economic and resource shortage pressure that will be applied to get you to do things you would not normally do, and will be brought to bear on the public to comply with the vaccine mandates and covid passport travel restriction.
Just recently here in Australia, it is no longer in the realm of conspiracy theory as
The CEO of Qantas says that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for anyone boarding his flights and that this will become the norm for all international travel.
Ticketmaster is also considering introducing a system where customers have to prove they’ve taken the vaccine before being allowed to buy tickets for music and sports events. The system would likely be organized under the auspices of CommonPass, a program sponsored by the World Economic Forum, which is pushing for a post-COVID “Great Reset” that would transform the world


The real great “reset ” we need to have, is that by using technology we have available, the remnant of those that love freedom and lifestyle choices that are not dictated by the state or any other behind the curtain controllers, need to set up a viable alternative to the present-day top-down control at the expense of the individual collectivism systems. 
A new way needs to be implemented that can respect the right of an individual and forge a new system based on voluntary agreements that can still function as a collective in a counter-economic agorist market place, one that recognizes the value of life and ecology above profit, and control. An alternative viable option that is able to kick to one side the voracious misanthropy that the technocratic state and the oligarch masters exhibit and continue to apply.

This is a pivotal time in the history of the world, and it will continue to get worse as we head another year into to the more extreme environment adjustments that go along with the Grand Solar Minimum.
I have been cautioning that financial collapse, food scarcity as well as civil discontent were possible, and now all 3 are in the headlines of even mainstream media sources on a continuous basis. Sadly, what we have experienced until now is simply the start.